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cebebrity spotlight at Dress That Man


Scott hits the Red Carpet with Celebrities at The World's Largest Disco
Scott dressed up in authentic 1970's vintage clothing that he purchased at DressThatMan.com - baby blue bell bottoms, an Augie shirt and groovy platform shoes. Full ON original 70's swagger, baby! Like a total time warp, he strutted onto the scene at the World's Largest Disco Party 2014 in Buffalo, NY and snagged a red carpet shot with 1970's celebrity icons Henry "the Fonz" Winkler and Cindy Williams ("Shirley" of Laverne and Shirley).

We love it! Thanks for sharing the photo and for buying original clothing from the seventies to party down in. No doubt you turned heads at the disco party!
70's disco clothes for guys
Below: Scott strikes a 70's pose and takes a selfie before the event.
1970's clothing for men

Musician Patrick Neville - Lead Guitar - BAND: Son Of Ian

Patrick Neville and his band can JAM! Son Of Ian is a band based in Utah and we expect them to soon be taking on the world by storm. It's only a matter of time before they get the recognition they deserve!

Repeat customer Patrick wrote telling us how much he loved the 70's vintage shirts he's bought at DressThatMan.com, and that he enjoys gigging in them when playing with the band. And we've been listening to Son Of Ian in the shop for days on end, and Pat's fantastic solo youtube rendition of "Needle and The Damage Done" - it seriously blows us away! We've posted Patrick's video so you can see and hear for yourself below.

Patrick is a super talented musician, and he clearly hangs with a bunch of mega talented guys!

Check out the band and their music here:

Official Son Of Ian band page

Son of Ian on facebook

Thanks from the entire crew at DressThatMan for taking the time to send us these photos - you ROCK! We appreciate the pics and wish you and your band the very best. Keep doing what you do and jamming - because we are fans!

Below check out this talented man, here's Patrick playing guitar
and singing "Needle and The Damage Done" - WOW, man!

HiFi Superstar ROCKS OUT with DressThatMan.com!
Chicago's HiFi Superstar band ROCKS out wearing Vintage 70's Clothing from DressThatMan.com - this Indie band is Positive Power Pop all the way, man.

No strangers to lyric writing and developing incredibly catchy tunes, this band is bringin' back that retro style feel good music we love. They've opened for Cheap Trick and Stryper, and… in 2007 they won 1st place in Billboard's 14th Annual World Song Writing Contest for their song "Milk and Honey," (as Brownline Fiasco) which garnered them a special spot on The Great Independent Rock CD, Volume 1. We're talking some major TALENT, baby.

We need all the positive influences we can get in the world today, and the crew here predicts much success for the future of HiFi Superstar - it wouldn't surprise us at all to one day see them hit a top 10 on the Billboard Chart. No kidding. Check them out on the HiFi Superstar website - listen to their music and watch the videos. Groovy, baby! *we love the SUPERSTAR song*

Thanks for sending us pictures we could add to the Celebrity Spotlight Gallery and for being loyal repeat customers at DressThatMan!

The Outrageously Talented Luis Varón Dandy of Spain!

Put on some platforms you scored from DressThatMan and hit the scene with a splash, in authentic disco style!

Check out famous DJ on the electronica, disco and techno scene - Luis Varon Dandy of Spain. Word is he can put on one hell of a dance party. Yes! Here he is on the right, looking mighty buff while wearing original 1970's platform shoes, and posing with space age Barbarella on the right. Barbarella's real name is "La Misma," a famous drag-queen in Oviedo, north of Spain.

Thanks for taking the time to send us the fabulous photo and wecome to the celebrity gallery at DressThatMan.com! Check him out on myspace here and watch the performance videos below...

::: click on the photograph on the right to see an enlarged version :::

Watch and listen to Luis Varón Dandy performing in the videos below - he's obviously an incredibly multi-talented man with a wonderful voice!

Get Down to the Sound of the Soul Professors!

Whoa, baby! Check out the Soul Professors, a nine piece Dance / Party Band located in Terrace, British Columbia, Canada who are busy keeping the Soulfires burning. Their act consists of playing soul classics from the Blues, Motown and Disco era - complete with clothing changes to reflect the sound. Of course, original vintage 1970's clothing for the guys from DressThatMan.com is all part of the gig, man!

Welcome to the Celebrity Gallery at DressThatMan.com

Artistic Philanthropist Gets Creative in Vintage!
Here's one cool dude tricked out in 70's Vintage Clothing he scored from DressThatMan.com - meet artist extraordinaire Gordon Smedt. Pictured here with his gorgeous wife Suzanne, he sports an authentic 1970's sunshine yellow Leisure Suit with a burnt orange butterfly collar shirt and white boots. With a cold one in his hand and a hot one at his side, life is surely beautiful.

Gordon wore his vintage outfit to attend a local fundraiser for the Loma Prieta Education Foundation's 2008 Gala. His generous donation of an original oil painting was the big seller of the evening. The painting went for $20,000.00 dollars in the Live Auction to help local schools in Los Gatos, California. You can see him in the picture below that was taken the moment it went to the highest bidder.

You can see a few of Gordon Smedt's paintings below, and more of his work on his website. And just when you were wowed by all of that, this environmentally conscious couple reside in a straw bale Mediterranean style home in California's Santa Cruz mountains that was featured on CNN. Read the article here.

Giving back to the community… now that's true love, man.

Thank you Gordon. We're honored to have you in the Celebrity Gallery at DressThatMan.com - in our spare time, we'll be working on cloning you for the greater good of the world… because, you totally ROCK, man!

Check out Gordon Smedt's Fabulous Artistic Style!
In 2007, Gordon donated "Sunflowers-Stars" - 36"x58" oil on canvas which raised $17,500.00 for the Loma Public Education Fund Gala. In 2008, Gordon Smedt donated "Crayons" - 48"x58" oil on canvas which raised $20,000.00 for the Loma Public Education Fund Gala.

Randy Pantalonez gets DOWN in Paris 1970's Style!

Jamming center stage to the disco beat is nothing new for Randy Pantalonez, man. He was born to boogie. Of course, getting down in authentic 70's clothes from DressThatMan is bound to enhance your stance and your dance!

Randy is one of the key performers with the Brutus Gold Love Train. As you can see, these guys are very familiar with the form fitting original vintage disco clothes of the 70's and prove you can move and groove in 'em, too.

Oh, yes… this group provides world-class entertainment and they can travel to perform an interactive show at your special event. Check out Brutus Gold on twitter.

Welcome to the DressThatMan.com Celebrity Spotlight Gallery Randy!

Dezmond Gilla gets it ON in Vintage 70's Clothing!
Actor Dezmond Gilla was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii. Graduating from the University of Hawaii with a major in Theater, he's done commercials, independent film, theater work and appeared on television in an episode of Lost and more. We're positive you'll be seeing much more of this expressive and impressive man on film and stage in years to come.

Shout out to all Hollywood Casting Directors and Independent Filmmakers, check out Dezmond here. This cool azz dude can dance, do voice characterizations, and so much more. You know you want him.

While wearing original 70's vintage clothing he scored from DressThatMan.com, his skills have obviously become enhanced to infinite proportions and he was inspired to write his own captions. Brilliant! Yes, Sir. Welcome to the Celebrity Gallery at DressThatMan Dezmond… proof you are surely on the cusp of movin' on up!

Visit Dezmond Gilla on myspace

::: click on the pics to see an enlarged version :::

Check out our Mens Vintage Clothing in the Movies & on Television!
Funny man Will Ferrell plays Jackie Moon in the 2008 basketball comedy Semi-Pro - here he's sporting a pair of funky 1970's Mens Platform shoes obtained from DressThatMan in an interview scene from the pic. IMDB Synopsis: Jackie Moon, the owner-coach-player of the American Basketball Association's Flint Michigan Tropics, rallies his teammates to make their NBA dreams come true. The film also stars Woody Harrelson and Andre Benjamin, and you can expect to see many more shoes from DressThatMan.com on the big screen in Semi-Pro.
We love Tyler Perry! Check out Tyler's Meet the Browns - The Movie, the big screen adaptation of Tyler's hilarious stage play. IMDB Synopsis: A single mom takes her family to Georgia for the funeral of her father - a man she never met. There, her clan is introduced to the crass, fun-loving Brown family. Starring: Tyler Perry, Angela Bassett, David Mann, Tamela Mann and more. Lead character Mr. Brown, played by the talented actor David Mann, can be seen wearing wild vintage pants and shirts from DressThatMan.com in the big screen adaptation. Mr. Brown's outrageous character is easy to pick out on the movie poster wearing our clothing!

UPDATE: Tyler Perry's "Meet The Browns" has spun off into a popular television show featuring actor David Mann, as "Mr. Brown" - where he can be seen wearing a variety of outrageous clothing from DressThatMan. Check out "Meet The Browns" on TBS and watch episodes here.

Tony Martini of Brutus Gold's Love Train LIVES to Disco!

One look at Tony Martini and you'd swear this was a pic straight outta the 70's. Tony performs with Brutus Gold's Love Train and they put on one helluva show - so catch it if you can.

In the picture below is Brutus Gold himself flanked by two lovelies and the rest of the crew. Guys who shop at DressThatMan dig wearing their authentic 70's pants tight, true to the style of the times, and, shirts and suits were also worn in a more fitted style than modern day fashions.

Welcome to the celebrity gallery Tony Martini - you've got the look, man!



Check out rocker Matti with his vintage Gretsch Guitar and his bad ass clothes from DressThatMan.com!

The band's name is DEEP DOWN ENZO; derived from the 1980's cult classic film, THE BIG BLUE, starring Jean-Marc Barr, Rosanna Arquette and Jean Reno made by French director Luc Besson.

Based out of New Orleans, Louisiana - DEEP DOWN ENZO plays core rock style from 1969 to 1999, originals and covers by Led Zeppelin, Hendrix, Benatar, Heart, Garbage, Janis Joplin, Sweet, The Cult, etc.

ROCK ON and welcome to the celebrity spotlight Matti!

Check out the DEEP DOWN ENZO website

The Makeover Guy gets a 1970's Makeover!
Christopher Hopkins proves that wearing genuine vintage clothing from the 1970's with a big smile can result in the achievement of class while striking a manly chest hair exposing seventies pose. Clearly, the man has STYLE ingrained in his DNA as evidenced by his gorgeous Mother to his right. But, we would expect no less from this handsome hunk through his reputation as a beauty and image expert. He truly is The Makeover Guy.

As seen on Oprah, if you want a makeover THIS is the man to see. His celebrity client list includes Joan Rivers, Hillary Rodham Clinton, David Cassidy, Matt Dillon, Greg Louganis, Lorenzo Lamas, Woody Harrelson… just to name a few.

His ReVamp salonspa in Uptown Minneapolis is ranked among the top 10 Salons in the USA by Glamour magazine, so... if you are in the area and in need of a makeover, you can trust that his salon will bring out your best.

Christopher is also an incredibly gifted International baritone singer who has performed at the prestigious Carnegie Hall and more. His debut solo album was nominated for the GLAM awards in New York City along with notable artists George Michael, Sandra Bernhard and Rufus Wainright.

Welcome to the Celebrity Gallery at DressThatMan.com Christopher!

Smoov-e wraps it up in RETRO and RAPS out his latest release!

Oh yeah, man. Smoov-e is sporting 2 authentic 1970's polyester leisure suits he scored from DressThatMan.com on his 7th album release and music video: Next Door Neighbor Larry Dallas.

Not only is Smoov-e stylin', he's sportin' some major lyrical riffs to the beats. This is one ladies man who's got style all the way around the block and back.

Explicit lyrics - not for the kiddies.

Check out Smoove-e on facebook.

World Famous Rocker Celebrates His Birthday

Zakk Wylde of Black Label Society gets FUNKED UP!

zakk wylde Check out these exclusive photos! Here's Hollywood Rock Walk of Fame superstar Zakk Wylde as he enters the door to his surprise birthday party. It's gonna be a retro birthday blast.

Visit Zakk's band - the Black Label Society on facebook.

::: click on any of the pics to see an enlarged version :::
Hell YEAH! That's Zakk Wylde wearing some funked up, mighty tight orange tie dye 70's polyester pants supplied by DressThatMan. You can see him in the background pointing and laughing his ass off at Black Label Society drummer Craig Nunemacher as he jams to the beat of a different drummer...
zakk wylde party

karry king Here is Zakk's buddy Kerry King, heavy metal guitarist for Slayer who is looking fine, all pimped out and clearly ready to party.

We sent Zakk a deadstock vintage totally rock star worthy Harley Davidson disco shirt for his birthday that he has on under his pimp jacket, and he sent us a thank you card along with the pictures... sweet!

Zakk Wylde - you're a CLASS ACT and you f***ing ROCK!
dressthatman zakk

If we get any more pictures of Zakk Wylde's birthday bash - we'll post them here.

Zakk Wylde Fans: Don't bother asking us for Zakk's address or contact details - we won't talk!

Public Relations CEO Spotted at Opening of Madonna's World Tour
We're thrilled to bring you DressThatMan's disco darling of 2006. Meet CEO J.D. - Xstatic Public Relations professional by day, total Boy Toy by night. Here he is on the left, decked out in retro 70's disco clothes from DressThatMan. Looking damn good and hanging out with another fetching fellow, it's obvious that J.D. surely knows how to generate publicity wherever he goes.
::: click on any of the pics to see an enlarged version :::
Shut up! Check out J.D. in Los Angeles at Madonna's opening night of her world tour. The Queen of club music and controversy can be seen on stage to J.D.'s left. Madonna opened her tour wearing S&M style gear, went on to wear a crown of thorns, hung herself from a cross and insulted George W. Bush. Shocking? Hello... it's Madonna, so deal with it. Besides... based on that mischievous smile on his face... we might assume J.D. topped that before the night was over!

Welcome to the celebrity spotlight J.D., your communications strategy hasn't been lost on us.

Relive the DISCO Era with Brutus Gold's Love Train, baby!
Brutus Gold and his entourage of disco dudes and divas delights audiences worldwide with that groovy, far out feeling that can only be found through disco music. Check out Brutus looking all seventies sexy decked out in a shirt he got right here at DressThatMan.

Brutus Gold's Love Train has been experienced by millions worldwide - including the MTV music awards, the Cannes Film Festival, the Starsky & Hutch movie premier and a private party for Tina Turner along with various performances for other celebrities and events.
disco man
::: click the pic :::
disco revival

Yeah, man! Brutus Gold and his disco fashion gang, they really do get around. So, if you ever want to get down to the sound of the funky MC and his players performing, catch that 70's disco buzz and hop aboard the Love Train if you ever get the chance.

disco dancing Love Train disco brutus gold
A big 70's high five to both Brutus Gold and D.N.E. Productions for sending us pics for the celebrity gallery at DressThatMan. Hustle on over and check out the Brutus Gold's Love Train on twitter!



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