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Smile! Become a DressThatMan Gallery Icon and join an elite group of fun, fashionably well dressed men from around the world in our Customer Gallery. Show your true colors or your alter ego off in the Funky Fashion Hall of Fame!
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1970's Party in Sweden - Robert Rocks out in Mens 1970's Vintage Clothing
Mens 1Disco Party Outfits


When Robert decided to get decked out in 1970's gear for a disco party in Sweden, he went full throttle in shopping at DressThatMan. Groovy disco era shirt, vintage pants and 70's platform shoes. Looking super fly in real retro clothing of the seventies.

Check him out in the photos. On the left you can see him with his lovely main squeeze, and there he is below in the middle between two of his friends below.

First off, we'd like to say thanks to Sweden for giving us Abba, and thanks to Robert for sending in the great gallery photos wearing 70's clothes.

You're a welcome addition to the Funky Fashion Hall of Fame at DressThatMan.com!

You guys make it all what it is - FUN! :)

Chris Disco Dances in an Authentic 70's Mens Vintage Shirt
Chris wears vintage 1970's clothes and parties big time every year at "The Worlds Largest Disco" annual party in Buffalo NY. He has been attending this annual event for well over a decade and will be at the 2012 disco party again wearing this 70's disco shirt he scored from DressThatMan.com. It's a super groovy rare naked woman print picture back 70's shirt. See a picture of that rare disco shirt here.

Ring My Bell: He's go those disco moves down as you can see in the video below! Thanks for sharing the photos and the disco dancing video with us. You're the MAN!

::: click the pics for an enlarged view - pictures open in a new window :::

Lemon Powered Shine - Todd takes Disco to the Next Level!
Todd's tangible assets were amplified by the lemon 70's polyester vibe, which summoned the collective testosterone of one Saturday night at Studio 54. Oozing with the passion of hundreds of hairy chested disco dancers, his relentless manliness could barely be contained within the shell of magical synthetic poly fiber. One look at him and you were mesmerized by the sheer power of this disco stud, and underneath it all - he knew it. Even though he tried to be nonchalant at first, he eventually succumbed to his own lucky charms and took advantage of the situation, as his disco moves and sheer presence captivated Vegas crowds.

Yes. Relentless self-promotion can be attained in not so subtle fashion from the 1970's when you boldly jump and acquire the key to the disco past via vintage apparel from DressThatMan.com! Last we heard, the not so subtleness of 1970's fashion rubbed off on Todd and he was wandering the streets in Vegas, boldly shouting at strangers - asking them to, "Squeeze My Lemon." While we haven't researched it, there is a definite possibility of a Police Report being connected to this out of character behavior - but, what happens in Vegas… well, you know.

Thanks for sending us the ultra groovy pic amidst your newfound popularity and welcome to the Funky Fashion Hall of Fame at DressThatMan.com… you definitely scored a winning blast from the past! We hope you made it back without bruising that lemon…

::: click the pic for an enlarged view - pictures open in a new window :::

Damion Dives into a 1970's Disco Birthday Party in Vero Beach!

Here's wild 70's disco guy Damion, surrounded by lovely ladies in this photo on the right. Kathleen celebrated her birthday party with a 1970's theme and Marlon Jackson, Jr. showed up wearing genuine men's disco era attire, oh wait… that is Damion - Marlon Jackson's 1970's era modern day double. Freaky and whiplash inducing, baby!

The event took place at a club house in Vero Beach, FL. Every "hot mama" and "jive turkey" came out in their best '70s attire to get their groove on. Obviously a fantastic time was had by all since it's written all over their smiling faces!

Thanks for sharing the pics of you fabulous groovy guys and gals getting down seventies style - we love it. That's a memorable way to celebrate your birthday Kathleen!

From the if we only had video department...

When we say that Damion Dives into the party, we mean that literally and have the proof to boot in the picture on the left... of that, Damion says, "this is the aftermath of me attempting to slide through the legs of another guy, doing a floor dive Soul Train style... let's just say plans went awry went I accidentally took out the birthday girl and her dance partner... lol"
::: click the pics below for an enlarged view - pictures open in a new window :::

Break out the Platforms, and Rock your Best Disco!
Check out Marc, Heidi, Tim, Bob and Adra at
the Ulrich's 10th wedding anniversary party in San Diego... the Blue suit and the Tan suit were both purchased from DressThatMan.com - and all we gotta say "Groovy, BABY!"

Tim wrote and said: “Break out the platforms, and Rock your Best Disco” was the theme for our 10 year wedding anniversary party in San Diego complete with DJ and disco lights. We were looking for vintage 70s and not the standard fare of internet costume options. Clothes that would make Tony Manero blush on his way to the discothèque in sizes other than XXXS. Dressthatman.com didn’t disappoint as the “baby blue” leisure suit complete with matching 3” platforms and the tan suit (pictured here) came from your store. It was a night to remember and here are just some of the pics!!
Congratulations and Happy 10th Anniversary - we hope you have many more wonderful years together. Thanks for sending us the great pictures - we can't get enough of you groovy guys and cool chicks doing it up 70's style... below are more photographs - you guys totally ROCK! ::: click the pics for an enlarged view - pictures open in a new window :::

Have a Birthday Celebration and Party 1970's Disco Style!
Check out this pic of wild 1970's man Driss with his fabulously gorgeous and groovy wife Terri - celebrating Terri's 40th birthday at the Jolly Fisherman Pub in Greatstone Kent, UK. All of their guests dressed up 70's style and turned the birthday bash into a night to remember. Yes, that's Driss on the left decked out in men's authentic 70's vintage disco era clothing who made us do a double take with that finger!

Yes. These Brits know how to party hearty, man... they even had a glam rock band for entertainment! Guests indulged in cheese and chocolate fondue, Quiche Lorraine, Cheese straws, Cocktail sausages and Curly Wurly's.

Thanks so much for sending us the great pic and joining the rest of the brave people in DressThatMan.com's Funky Fashion Hall of Fame - our customers are SO much fun!

::: click the pic for an enlarged view - pictures open in a new window :::

Vintage 1970's Disco Shirts are Super Groovy, Baby!

Check out Chris D with his wild woman dressed in vintage 1970's clothes living it UP at "The Worlds Largest Disco" annual party in Buffalo NY. Chris is a a super fan of the disco party, since he's been at the event every year for the past 13 years.

Chris recently purchased a rare picture back 1970's Nude Afro Woman shirt from us that he plans to wear to the 2011 Worlds Largest Disco. Check out that awesome seventies shirt here. This man clearly knows how to party in true style!

The Worlds Largest Disco party is held annually at the Buffalo Convention Center in Buffalo, New York each year on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Tickets for the event regularly sell out quickly - so if you plan to attend, grab those tickets FAST and don't forget to show up there wearing genuine 1970's clothing for the full on effect.

Below is another pic of Chris with his buddies partying 1970's style and rockin' out some super groovy disco clothing. Thanks for sending in the pics Chris - you ROCK!

Wild Sicilian has them Seeing Spots at the Wedding!
Italian Stallion Salvatore isn't known for being a wallflower. When he bought this bright blue with white polka dots vintage 70's shirt from DressThatMan.com to wear to his best friend's daughter's wedding, he told us that his wife, "thinks he is nuts." Yet, somehow... we suspect she has know that all along! Regardless, she showed up with him and sat near him as you can see in the picture to the left.

Sal is the Mayor of Woptown, he grew up there and speaks the old school dialect. His job? Taking care of the hood, baby. And, living for the big San Diego Sicilian Festival that takes place twice a year. Look for him there, you can't miss such an outgoing, fun loving character in Little Italy.

Thanks for sending the fun pictures Salvatore - and welcome to the Funky Fashion Hall of Fame at DressThatMan. The shirt was a mob rules hit, man!

::: click the pics for an enlarged view - pictures open in a new window :::
Wild Sicilian UPDATE!
Our pal Sal loves standing out in the crowd so much that he ordered another polka dot shirt in Black and White - the lucky man got the last one we had in his size. Looks like the mayor of Woptown is heading to Hollywood in this groovy glamour shot below. Way to go, man... and thanks for the updated photo - you made our day!

::: click the pic for an enlarged view - pictures open in a new window :::

Sean Jams Out in 1970's Original Vintage Clothes!

Check out our Funky Fashion Hall of Fame gallery man Sean getting down on his Bass Guitar while wearing original clothing from the 1970's he scored at Dress That Man. Oh, yeah baby. Ain't nothing like the real thing.

Sean is the bass player with the super cool band Brownline Fiasco and they were playing live at the The Penny Road Pub in Barrington, IL in this shot.

Check out more pics of Sean and Brownline Fiasco here in the Celebrity Spotlight at DressThatMan.com!

Thanks for the pic Sean and welcome to the gallery, man - we can see you're totally rockin' it!


Jamming in 70's Clothes

The Tower of Disco Power!
Meet Disco Jon, at 6' - 7" he stands out wherever he goes, baby. You better believe it. He scored a rare original vintage baby blue suit from DressThatMan and had it tweaked to fit him just right. The hot babe at his side and his groovy friends, he scored on his own.

Jon says, "I took the vintage suit to an 80 year old Italian tailor - his only comment - Man, is that a beautiful suit - I can't make you look any better than you already look!"

We totally agree, man... you've got it going ON in true 70's style Jon. Welcome to the Funky Fashion Hall of Fame!

Corey and Jeremy go Wine Tasting in Vintage 70's Suits!

You might recall Corey (on the right) from some pictures below wearing a vintage green 70's leisure suit and platform shoes - if not, then scroll down and take a peek. But WAIT! Here's Corey again in a rust color 3 pc vintage suit with his equally groovy friend Jeremy who also scored a 1970's leisure suit from DressThatMan.

Corey wrote, "One winery wasn't gonna let us (suited guys) in for wearing "costumes" as they phrased it. I said, "Honey, I don't know what you are talking about, we always look this good." They ultimately let us in.

Talk about finesse to go along with his style, eh?! Hey, man, we know. Guys wearing original 70's clothes today have a tendency to freak some people out.

Corey has an eye for the good stuff, from wine to clothes to good company…

... here's the entire limo partying gang, Left to Right:
Jeremy, Corey, Jackie, Jaimie, Corinne, Sarah and Gabe.

Jeremy and Corey are two DressThatMan Gallery guys that prove they can double up on the fun. Welcome the Funky Fashion Hall of Fame guys!

Ray Gets Down with the Hottest Women in Town!
Ray knows how to party in genuine 70's style. Wear a vintage designer Italian made Nik-Nik disco shirt and celebrate your birthday in pure retro bliss. Plus, he has the added bonus of scoring the hottest women to surround him.

As you can see in the 1st picture below, there's Ray singing "Happy Birthday to me" while being surrounded by a bevy of beauties. The picture in the center below, you can see that some of his buddies got a hot tip to shop at DressThatMan.com for groovy vintage disco shirts, too. And the last pic of the women below... all we can say is there are many guys who wish they were you Ray...

Welcome to the Funky Fashion Hall of Fame, man!

::: click the pics for an enlarged view - pictures open in a new window :::

Michael Has a Total 70's Flashback!
Michael gets down in authentic 70's style with some of his friends for the (Donna) Summer Solstice Party on a hot Saturday night in Georgia. Bright red polyester bellbottoms and a black and white polka dot shirt, complete with a handlebar moustache and he's clearly ready to party. Michael says, "What's really scary is that that hair made me look just like my 9th grade yearbook pictures (minus the handlebars!)"

Groovy, baby! And welcome to the Funky Fashion Hall of Fame at DressThatMan.com. If you happen to see this hunk of burning love on the streets in Georgia wearing these tight red bellbottoms, feel free to ask him to do a little disco dance move for you.

McChocolate has it Going ON, Baby!

McChocolate knows that the best way to stand out in the crowd is not to buy all of his shirts off the rack - but, to mix it up and grab some original, unworn vintage 70's clothes from DressThatMan.com - oh, yeah.

To the left is a pic McChocolate sent us pimping a vintage shirt at a Kanye West Concert in Oklahoma City, OK.

Movie Star good looks wearing clothes that demand attention, hey... Hollywood, are you paying attention?

A smiling face is always a welcome addition to the Funky Fashion Hall of Fame, thanks for sending the photo, man.


Corey Pulls off a 70's Fashion Flashback!

Here's our groovy Funky Fashion Hall of Fame man Corey wearing his vintage green 70's Leisure Suit and authentic Platform Shoes out for some Kentucky Derby festivities. To his right is Abby and to his left is Maria... Mint Julep in hand with a couple of lovely ladies at his side - no wonder he's grinning wide!

Corey says, "It is amazing how well everything fits me (I was particularly concerned about the shoes, but they are perfect too) guess I'm just genetically destined to wear retro polyester... I'll be busting out the rust colored 3-piece for the roller disco on Friday."

Welcome to the gallery at DressThatMan.com Corey - you've got the look.

Todd Jams Super Seventies Style!

Dig our disco man Todd! A cross between sugary 70's singer Tony Orlando and porn king Ron Jeremy, which makes Todd somewhat sleazy, but... incredibly sweet about it. Here he is getting down to the disco beat, about to make his signature pelvic thrust maneuver - which we have reason to believe he did all night long. So successful were his manly moves that a beautiful platinum blonde gave him a fur vest and took him home.

Way to go, man! And thanks Todd for sending in photos and joining the DressThatMan.com Funky Fashion Hall of Fame.

Roberto has the LATINO POWER 70's Groove, Brotha!

Oh, baby... Roberto knows how to work it in a pair of authentic 1970's Angels Flight pants. He's got that 70's look down cold. Form fitting pants, chest exposed, platform shoes and a fro that looks like it could be his own. And... not only THAT, but... he's strutting onto the scene with one fine sexy Mama as evidenced by the pic below.

Way to go, man... thanks for the far out pics and welcome to the Funky Fashion Hall of Fame Roberto!

"Big Daddy" Goes WILD in Authentic Mens Vintage Clothing!

Check out "Big Daddy" Joel with his pretty wife Jennifer both decked out to the nines in retro attire. Looking fabulous!

Joel says, "My entire outfit, down to my platform shoes (minus the mustache, wig and glasses), was purchased at DressThatMan! Thanks for having great stuff!!"

THANK YOU Joel... and thanks for sending us the great pics and joining the Funky Fashion Hall of Fame.

To the right is Joel with his buddy that bears an uncanny resemblence to Mr CHiPs himself, Francis "Ponch" Poncherello played by 1970's idol and actor, Mr. Erik Estrada.

Below are a few more pictures from the retro theme party with Joel showing off some fine ladies.

We totally dig the hair on the lovely woman in the flowery pink dress!
And, who can go wrong with a chick who digs Heineken straight outta the bottle...

A 1970's Leisure Suit Means You Smile All Night Long!

Is this the face of FUN or what? Check out Mr. Hairy Chest construction firm owner John from Virginia wearing an authentic 1970's polyester leisure suit, shirt and shoes from DressThatMan.com! Yes, Sir... tough guy by day but, he's a Soul Man in retro attire.

A trip back to Michigan to see your family, plenty of Crown Royal, and a 70's polyester leisure suit to score some Koegel Viennas in and he's THE MAN, baby.

Here's John with his honeybun, cutie pie wife Lisa. Either he's trying to climb her or she can't keep her hands off him - you decide. No - wait... we think he's just showing off his funky 70's shoes.

Welcome to the Funky Fashion Hall of Fame John!

Oh! It's not true what your Mom says. Your face will NOT freeze that way.

:: click the pics for an enlarged view ::

Getting Funked up and Partying in Authentic 70's Style!
To the left are pics of Steven smiling with one of his pals and getting ready to work that hula hoop. A smiling, fun guy in retro 70's clothing plus cold Bud Light and anything can happen, man. Welcome to the gallery, dude!
Dean says, "The party took place over at the Casbah in Atlantic City with the rest of the Brooklyn Boys rocking it out heavy. I brought the disco fever back straight from the heart of Bensonhurst in the 70's back in style thanks to DressThatMan.com!"

Check our man Dean out on myspace!

Check out 70's party man Sterling next to the blonde babe. He says, "Everyone loved my outfit. Definitely the hit of the party!" As you can see, the DressThatMan guy certainly stands out in the crowd even when Elvis and his lady attend the party.

Welcome to the Gallery Sterling!

The DISCO DOCTOR hits the Vegas Strip!

The Doctor is IN and the diagnosis is PURE FUN! Check out MD Steve as he strikes a pose with - no... that's NOT a Vegas go-go girl - it's his gorgeous wife. They hit the clubs on the Vegas strip for Halloween and he received TONS of compliments on the vintage 70's clothes he bought from DressThatMan.

Funky clothes and a good looking babe in Vegas... MD Steve hit the JACKPOT.

Guys in the seventies loved to show off their chest hair as a symbol of virility and masculinity. And while trends come and go, we've noticed a resurgence once again of chest hair in advertising ...clearly, MD Steve is on the forefront of fashion. Thanks for sharing the groovy pics and welcome to the Funky Fashion Hall of Fame, man!

Pimp n' Ho party time in Florida with J Pimp!
Lawyer by day, total PIMP by night. For one wild evening in Delray Beach, Florida - Jesse the Pimp is accused of pandering, hustling and racketeering. With the admission of photographic evidence, which was witnessed by a signed affidavit, he certainly looks as guilty as hell to us.

Although we have no formal jurisdiction over the case, informally we have the power to publish the proof that substantiates the fact that the aforementioned J Pimp is one formally funked up dude who had an absolute riot attempting to defame his own character while clad in vintage clothes he scored from DressThatMan.
This is the one night of the year he has to resist making himself the beneficiary of your entire estate. Of course, that previous statement is hearsay, but… it's a fact that J Pimp clearly stands out in the crowd of his friends, the majority of which are lawyers, too.
With the Ho's absent from the pictures, we're checking the mail for that breaking of the bread crumbs you'll be sending our way… in the meantime, thanks so much for sharing the incriminating photographs and welcome to the Funky Fashion Hall of Fame, Jesse!

Our BIGGEST SECRET is OUT - Women LOVE our Clothes!

ROBERTINA FARMER, is the company owner of TONKA VILLAGE. She lives in Hampton Virginia, and you can visit her shop at tonkavillage.etsy.com where you will find one of a kind, unique bead necklaces. She is the FIRST woman brave enough to send us gallery photographs and publicly bust us on our BIGGEST SECRET - that some women LOVE to wear our clothes.

Although we are sure her natural beauty gets her plenty of attention, coupled with our vintage shirts, she gets noticed wherever she goes.

click the pics for an enlarged view

In her own words Robertina says, "It doesn't have to be an event or a party for me to wear 70's shirts. My shirts are a part of my everyday attire and hang in the closets like the rest of the clothing I enjoy wearing. Though the web site is called Dress That Man they have several shirts that look great on women. Sometimes you get tired of wearing traditional clothing, as it can become boring and you start blending in with the other thousands of people who may have that same shirt. I have a very unique style and my shirts identified with my personality. I encourage everyone to Get Funky, Loose and Live a Little."

Words to LIVE by! Thanks for sharing your pics, and a big welcome to the Funky Fashion Hall of Fame Robertina!

PARTY ALERT: Wild 70's night creates an ARIZONA heatwave!
Mike, every bit the 70's Italian Stallion, looks like he dropped in directly from Studio 54 to Troy's 30th birthday bash dressed in wild disco clothes he got from DressThatMan.com.

Check Mr. Handsome out with his stunning lady, Julie. Even with his wild hair, this dude scored big time!
adorable couple!
Mike in the Middle Here's Mike in the middle, who transformed himself into "Mick" for the night with the help from a 70's vintage brass belt buckle he also scored from us.

To Mike's right is his brother Rick, sleazy 1970's porn king producer. On Mike's left is Brian, a hippie stoner they picked wandering on the beach hoping to make him the star of the next film since he'll work 12 hours a day just for food and beer.

Mike, Julie, Warren, Brian, Rick, Candy and... the Birthday dude, Troy is front and center. Looks like you had one helluva birthday, man!

click any of the pics for an enlarged view

70's party people
jamming with your bad self
it isn't her birthday!

These people KNOW how to party 70's style, baby! Ain't no doubt about that. Welcome to the Funky Fashion Hall of Fame and thanks to Julie for sharing your pictures and inspiring us to work overtime. It's customers like you that make it all so much fun...

...now about that last picture:

"Hi, Mom… I just want you to know that there are pictures on the Internet of me being spanked… hello? … hello? Mom?"


Wear 70's Clothes and Party like a ROCKSTAR!
70's Vintage Clothes
70's vintage clothing

click the pics for an enlarged view
Smiling People!
Trent and Dan got COMPLETELY FUNKED UP 70's style for the 2007 Dawson City Music Festival weekend! Dressing up in authentic seventies fashion definitely made them stand out against the other attendees. No doubt some of the crowd there wondered when these guys we're gonna take the stage, considering the fact they look like ROCKSTARS.

Clearly, these Yukon Territory dudes, know how to party it up 70's style and attract the attention of beautiful women or, "chicks" as they were called back in the seventies.

Beer, Platform Shoes, 70's clothes, chicks, wild friends and music… we can dig it. Score another one for Canada. You guys are a BLAST!

Thanks for the great pics, man... and welcome to the Funky Fashion Hall of Fame at DressThatMan.com!

Party Guys!
Wild Men!
Platform Shoes

1970's Vintage Clothing Makes the Man Unique!
Vintage Mens Suit

Dan IS the MAN.

This groovy guy in the UK has style and taste. He chose a vintage 3 piece 1970's era Harris Tweed suit off the virtual racks here and wrote to us when he received it: "Got the suit yesterday and it's awesome... fits like a glove! cheers for the threads..." and sent us this picture of his happy handsome self.

England has a special place in our hearts here at DressThatMan.com and we're proud to have another Brit here rockin' out our threads!

William goes WILD and puts the FUN in FUNKY!

William partied hearty in Belfast, Ireland at a seventies disco Car Wash Bash at a birthday celebration for his wife, Elizabeth. Forty never looked so good! Check out that fit and fine babe in the zebra pattern outfit. He's one lucky man.

William got funked UP in some major 70's fashion with Dress That Man, proving that Pink Polyester never went out of style. According to William, "Those elephant bells may get another outing sooner than they thought!"

If Bobby Sands and Sean Bean would have had a child - William, hands down, would be the result. Welcome to the Funky Fashion Hall of Fame, man!


Dickie Struts his Stuff in RETRO STYLE!
Dickie, age 33, who lives in the birthplace of that little known rock ensemble called “The Beatles” or something, brings a touch of glamour to the United Kingdom. When he’s not looking retro stylish in his vintage jacket on the streets of Liverpool, he is busy following the city’s awesome soccer team: Liverpool Football Club.

Welcome to the Gallery Dickie, the first fashionable man brave enough from England to send in pics!

Lu Proves That Hippies Are The Life Of The Party!
The Long Beach Museum of Art threw a "Groovy 60th Anniversary Celebration" on September 25th, 2010 and these hippies show up! This happening counterculture couple you can see on the left, slipped through via the Haight-Ashbury warp zone. Wild Man Lu and his Happy Hippie Chick didn't sneak in the back door either …they had tickets. Front and center, baby. Right ON, man.

Yeah. They enjoyed the festivities and jammed to the entertainment provided by the "Magical Mystery Tour: A Tribute to the Beatles" band. Far out, baby. The beat generation revisited. Of course, Lu was decked out in authentic vintage clothing he scored from DressThatMan.com and without a doubt, coupled with a cool chick standing at his side; he was a surefire hit that added some major fun to the shindig.

Thanks again to Lu and his lady for sending in the great pic - and welcome to the Funky Fashion Hall of Fame gallery at DressThatMan!

Roxana and Carlos DO IT AT THE DISCO!
Studio 54 Disco Party Pic We were jamming to a disco song released in 1978 by Gary's Gang called "Do it at the Disco," when this picture arrived. Check out Roxana and her man! Carlos is sporting an authentic 1970's disco era leisure suit in baby blue along with a wild butterfly collar shirt obtained from your funky vintage fashion vault at DressThatMan.com.

The adorable couple appears to have slipped into the Studio 54 Disco Party on a time warp.

Welcome to the Funky Fashion Hall of Fame Roxana and Carlos, from those smiles we'd say the Texas event was a complete success!

vintage clothing for your wedding

Check out Derek in the vintage suit he purchased from DressThatMan! He wanted to look unique and stylish and that mission was accomplished.

Derek has a keen eye for all things lovely as evidenced by his beautiful bride, Kelly.

The crew sends out congratulations to the gorgeous couple... and a welcome to the customer gallery.

Derek and Kelly, we wish for you a long and prosperous life together!

Derek and Kelly get married

:: click the pics ::

Dickie Does it Vintage Style for his Wedding!
We wondered which classy guy would snap up the DEADSTOCK unworn 1970's black suit we loved... and now we have the answer. It was destined for England and the wedding of uber-cool city gent Dickie Felton. This suit literally flew out of our possession the minute it appeared on our pages. Bought in 1973 (the year of Dickie's birth), this suit cost $123.60 from Gene Enderslein Clothiers in Iowa. When advertised here we said: "no doubt the owner of this suit was saving this outfit for a special event that never happened for him, kind of sad really..." Well not anymore! Thirty four years later and the suit was worn again for the special event of the wedding of Dickie and Jennifer in Liverpool, UK. How stylish? How cool? How DressThatMan. Note how the Italian designer red shirt blends in effortlessly with the suit! Note how the gorgeous bride blends in effortlessly with the groom!" He looks like a matador without the red cape," said the groomsmen! As for Dickie: "Thanks to DressThatman for arranging my wedding attire. Me and Mrs Felton look great together. What a classy result!"

Getting Funked Up 70's Style in BREW CITY!
Adam & Bill Beer made Milwaukee famous and Adam and Bill are well aware of the prominent place beer plays in their lives today. These pictures were taken while they maintained the ability to stand without props.
Not only did they drink copious amounts of beer and stand, but they STOOD OUT. They dressed in 70's retro threads purchased from DressThatMan, and were the LIFE OF THE PARTY, man. The hard partying dynamic duo are now making themselves available for rent to liven up boring and dead parties in the greater Milwaukee area. 100 bucks an hour (plus beer & food) will help you have a party to remember. dressing up RETRO
Adam strikes a poseBill snags CATWOMAN Milwaukee, Wisconsin gave us Gene Wilder, Spencer Tracy, Liberace, Joker Toker musician Steve Miller, Heather Graham, "Mr. Nude America," Dick Bacon; and now, Adam and Bill.

Welcome to DressThatMan.com's Funky Fashion Hall of Fame, guys! The hometown of Harley Davidson motorcycles now has another reason to be damn proud, Adam and Bill will surely go down in history as the Prominent Polyester Partiers.

I can almost swim in thisKing Adam doesn't drive hammeredPolyester Party Pals
:: check out the disco ball that appeared in the last photo - proof that polyester retains 70's memories ::

Skyscraping Wild Disco Man Spotted Roaming in Camden, Maine!
James had the night of his life drifting up and down the streets of Camden, Maine on Halloween night, and randomly entering pubs and restaurants, flashing a double peace sign, ala Richard Nixon, and exclaiming, "Keep disco alive, now! Keep it alive!" People went wild and some thought he was paid entertainment, which of course, only spurred his outrageousness on.

He purchased a pair of genuine 1970's unworn vintage disco era burgundy bellbottoms from DressThatMan.com, had them custom tailored, and built his entire extravagant ensemble around the pants. Between the platform shoes and the larger than life afro wig, we're talking about an 8' - 2" dude strutting his stuff around. How could he NOT be noticed?

James said, "I haven't had so much fun since I was a kid, which, for that night, seems like just yesterday. I'm going to become WHAM, the White Afro Man, for quite a few Halloweens to come!" And THAT is exactly what we're talking about, man. Fun and loads of it! Thanks for sending the far out pic and welcome to the Funky Fashion Hall of Fame at DressThatMan!

::: click the pic for an enlarged view - pictures open in a new window :::

Meet Jack... the first brave man!
Sitting there completely styling in a uniquely wild shirt, with plenty of positive attitude to boot, Jack is surely a confident, happening man.

John and Sarah... proof the coolest guy gets the gorgeous girl!
John ROCKS! He was a total HIT in his retro outfit for 2005 Homecoming. John and Sarah made such a striking impression that the Limo company their group rode in wants to use THEM dressing retro for an upcoming photo shoot!

The crew at DressThatMan
couldn't be happier that you had such a great time, and... we couldn't help but to notice the resemblance Sarah has to a young Farrah Fawcett. Uncanny!

Andrew... pimp daddy deluxe storms 5th Ave in San Diego!

Hitting the scene with a totally pimped out gangster lean, is our favorite man of the evening, Andrew. When you're out clubbing along 5th Avenue in San Diego, California - you know you're gonna have a damn good time.

Since Andrew was a happening DressThatMan guy, he just happened to run into former Miss Arizona and Washington in the mask and attracted two additional unmasked lovelies. The smile on his face says everything. Way to go, Andrew!

Josh... Party People in da house heating up the State of Michigan!
Josh is taking the lead and singing it, too. If he dares send us the MP3, we'll be sure to post it here.

Yes, this could happen to YOU, man. When you buy authentic vintage pants that fit you like a glove from DressThatMan - there's a party in your pants, baby. And it's YOU.

Josh, if you ever run for office - we'll vote for you.

Meet Nathan and Kathy - the supersonic ultra dynamic disco duo!
WOW! If a video file ever shows up of Nathan and Kathy getting down on the dance floor at that retro party, you betcha we'd be proud to post that heart stopping disco inferno right here. When you're six feet - eight inches in your platforms on the dance floor and your woman is 6 feet tall *without* heels, you can't be wallflowers.

How much more proof do you need that the DressThatMan guys get the gorgeous women? Nathan and Kathy - you're a fantastic couple. Thanks for making our day!

Channel 4 news team from Anchorman... the Retro Quad Squad!

that’s Matt in the Hat who sent us a pic
with his retro buddies getting down with it
mixing polyester with some bad azz plaid
so, no one is accused of being scantily clad
looking fine and funky in their retro attire
that's Matt in the Hat, the only tip toe flier

The crew at DressThatMan knows that some guys have all the fun. Now we have the proof!


Stud muffin Curtis gets seriously FUNKED UP!

Hey Look!
There he is with the Bobby Sherman & Roger Daltry lookalikes...

Curtis catches major buzz in his authentic 70's disco attire hand picked from the racks at DressThatMan! These vintage threads hadn't had this much going on in 35 years, thus proving the it's the MAN makes the clothes FUN.

Happily posing for the paparazzi while covered in his newfound passion for 1970's polyester, Curtis and his clothes were the talk of the evening.

A fantastic party, a super fun guy and a welcome addition to the Funky Fashion Hall of Fame!


whenever you have too much fun, Elvis always seems to materialize...

Put your sunglasses on... Luis catches a ride into Funky Town!
Luis the ultimate 1970's party man!
Welcome to the Gallery Luis!

DressThatMan's mascot is none other than our photoshopping, fun-loving disco man Luis! Decked out completely in retro 70's attire that he hand picked from our racks. Ya gotta love him.

<--------------- to the left
When your hair is bigger than the disco ball, you are the party KING, baby! Click on the pic and check out that cute grin!

to the right --------------->
Luis chills with a drink on the sofa. That better be Kool Aid, Sir... after all... this is your first pair of platforms!

Will somebody plug in the air conditioner?

The name is Luis.

And... I'm smoking hot.
Boldly dressing in authentic 1970's vintage - cool.

Talking your Dad and your brother-in-law into doing it with you - priceless.

Paris Wins "Best Porn Star Mo" at Gala Charity Event!
By day, Paris is Mr. Serious working diligently for the OZ Government... at night, we aren't exactly sure what he's doing. BUT! We know what he did ONE night. With the help of a super slinky Disco shirt from us, he morphed into Mr. Sleazy Porno Star mode and was clearly loving every minute of it.

He was so convincing that he proudly took home the "Best Porn Star Mo" award!
Yes! And, because Paris is a saintly Porn Star - he did it all for charity. To raise funds to fight prostate cancer, Paris grew a moustache. Check out the Movember site for info on the event.

At DressThatMan - we love Paris, in the Springtime... and the rest of the year!

Thanks for the pics Paris and welcome to the gallery!

::: click the pics for an enlarged view - all pictures open in a new window :::

DJ Patrick ... slamming sounds in his 70's DISCO OUTFIT!
Disco Man Patrick!Patrick in his DISCO OUTFIT
Patrick ROCKS the house! Decked out in his retro clothes DJ Patrick got the party started the very moment he slipped into the 70's polyester wonderland.

The DressThatMan
crew loves the pimp disco daddy attitude Patrick exudes in that first pic, man. That's one kick azz seventies party we wish we could have attended... thanks for the pics, man!

Taylor gets funky and goes totally RETRO to celebrate his graduation!
Disco Outfits from DressThatMan
Who knew graduating from the 8th grade could be so much fun? Taylor provides more proof that it's surely the MAN that makes the clothes fun.

When you buy authentic vintage clothing from DressThatMan you get that 70's attitude and it shows.

Thanks for the pic Taylor and welcome to the Funky Fashion Hall of Fame!

Bill Parties at the Ugly Disco Fundraiser with a STUNNER!
Disco Bill sends in some super groovy pics and and writes: Here's the Crew at the Ugly Disco....Me sporting the rust Leisure Suit purchased from Dress That Man!

The 2011 Rochester NY Ugly Disco Bash is the 8th Annual of what has become the swing-in-est bash this side of Hawaii-Five-Oh. But we party not just because – but for a cause... The Boys & Girls Club.

Wow, dude. AWESOME pics. Lucky score on the stunning chick at your side with the gorgeous smile. Like it was said in the 70's...Yowsah! Good times.

Nice polyester solo pose below ... that hair is WILD! And your man posse, what a shot. That pic could be a Polaroid out of the 1970's. For real.

Thanks so much for shopping with us and sharing your photographs. You make a super fly addition to the Funky Fashion Hall Of Fame at DressThatMan.com!

You can find out MORE about the Ugly Disco Annual Fundraiser here. Plan to attend the event at the Riverside Convention Center in Rochester, New York and PARTY Disco Style for a great cause!

::: click the pics for an enlarged view - pictures open in a new window :::

Our man Graham has the formula to integrate RETRO FASHION!
Check out retro loving math whiz Graham showing his muscular man gams off in pants from DressThatMan! We could only aspire to having thighs we could crack walnuts with.
Calculate the integral. Fraction that wardrobe with retro. Multiply the possibilities. Graham and his partner Ian prove that by adding vintage clothing to your fashion repertoire, you can surely funk it up and develop your own unique style.
Here's proof positive that the people you know and love will still want to be around you even after you've shopped at DressThatMan.

Officer Graham slips out of his retro attire and accosts a guest at the annual Fagoli house Christmas party.

Don't ask because we will tell.

Thanks for sharing the photographs Graham and welcome to the Funky Fashion Hall of Fame!


What's more fun than dressing up as Linc and Julie from the Mod Squad? Nothing we can think of - especially at a company party.

Sharon and her husband show off their alter 70's egos in vintage attire. The crew at DressThatMan.com would like to thank you for the pic and give you a BIG welcome to the Funky Fashion Hall of Fame!

:: click on the pic for an enlarged view ::



As for the rest of you chickens...

Come ON you guys! With all of the funky threads you've bought - you're bold enough to wear them... but, you need to share them!

Yeah, yeah... the pics are in the mail. We've heard it and we're still waiting. We hate to whine.... so, pretty please?

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